Phil Maneri played his first paying gig as a musician in 1979. By that time he had become quite good at the Electric Bass, Guitar, Piano, and trumpet. He spent several years in the Ohio State University Marching Band but rock was his calling. He spent a decade fronting Drumzand Wires in the 80’s and 90’s. After that, his career as a freelance musician took off. Electric Bass and singing were the primary focus for many years until he returned to the Double Bass he first played in High School. Currently, he is playing equally on Double Bass and Electric Bass in a myriad of projects and gigs. Each week brings something different as a first call live and session musician. Over the years he’s been in more bands and played more gigs than he can recall. Some highlights include Chalice, Drumzand Wires, Love Hed, Mark Chatfield, Lost Dog, Stonebyrd, John Mullins, Bob Piascik, Fortune, Big Daddy Blue, Glue, Fred Haring and the Franklin County All Stars, Donna Mogavaro, Sally Fingerette, Uncletoad, Blues at Last, Scott Gorsuch, Delyn Christian, Flypaper, The Maneri Brothers, The Street Players, Anna and the Consequences, The Apple Bottom Gang, Chaz Mechanbrier’s Hang Time, Joanie Calem, The Shazzbots, Parker MacDonald, Carly France, Jacked up, Phil Clark, The Guitar Company, Phil Dirt and the Dozers, Pat Buzzard, The Rice Brothers. Mad Mad Men. The Buzzard Kings. Chances are if you’ve seen live music in Central Ohio in the last 30 years you’ve seen him play.