Fretshop Retrospective ECM records day 78

ECM 1509 Egberto Gismonte Group “Musica de Sobreviviencia” 1993.

Jaques Morelenbaum, cello, bottle; Egberto Gismonti, piano, guitar, flute; Nando Carneiro, synthesizer, guitar, caxixi; Zeca Assumpcao, bass, rainwood. Gismonte is a special talent. From Brazil, he was a child prodigy on piano and brought his immense talent to the Guitar somewhat later and has equal facility on both. He’s a freak. His Brazillian steeped compositions are lovely and brilliant. Each record I hear of his is amazing and deep and complex, yet completely accessible. Lovely latin music performed by serious musicians. This is another extension of that. The mood begins more somber and the timbre more contemplative than his firey explorations in the past, but his facility wins out and he starts shredding. Thing is, it’s restrained in its intensity, he leaves lots of chops in the quiver and plays very musically. Maturity. With this ensemble, he can create piano driven chamber music that sounds like a cross between Modern classical and Chick Corea. This is exceptional and fascinating music.

ECM 1510 ECM 1510 NS Giya Kancheli – Abii Ne Viderem — Kim Kashkashian, The Hilliard Ensemble, Dennis Russell Davies, Stuttgarter Kammerorchester 1995.

Kancheli’s music is modern, complex, and very dramatic. This is fantastic modern small ensemble composition, full of dissonance and unexpected turns. Generally a somber and quiet affair with dramatic swells and abrupt shifts, this recording sure is on the right label. The sonics are fantastic and the recording is perfect.

ECM 1511 John Abercrombie Trio “Speak of the Devil” 1994.

Dan Wall, Hammond B-3 organ; John Abercrombie, guitar; Adam Nussbaum, drums. This organ trio again hits the Oslo studio mid-summer 1993 to track a new set of compositions, many by Wall, or trio compositions. I really like the free group explorations. The first is pensive, patient and colorful. Here Wall’s Hammond paints very sedate moments. Nusbaum is a precise and meticulous drummer who opens the second group workout with a great tom line, then melts back into the ensemble and meshes with Wall’s Organ so Abercrombie can do his thing. I really like how they play together on this one. They get revved up later in the set and start shredding pushing out into Mahavishnu territory. Pretty cool.

ECM 1512 William Byrd Motets and Mass for Four Voices – The Theater of Voices Paul Hillier 1994.

Ensemble formed by the founder of the Hilliard Ensemble with Bowers-Broadbent on Pipe Organ. Sacred vocal music by several composers. It’s quite good. I’m getting kinda tired of listening to this stuff. I’ve liked more than my share of it and listened to a bunch. This one is quite good too…but I’m struggling with finding a reason to write much about it. Not my area of expertise or interest really.

ECM 1513/1514. Keith Jarrett “J.S. Bach, The French Suites” 1993.

Two hours of Bach on harpsichord by a guy who plays jazz. I find it more fascinating than I thought. There is a deliberate mathematical way Jarrett plays these that’s kinda cool…soothing in a way. I generally don’t like his classical work but this one is interesting and somehow captivating. Although it went on and on and on so I kinda got bored before it was over. Maybe if I listened to smaller chunks of it I’d dig in better….but I’m not gonna.