Fretshop Retrospective ECM records day 77

ECM 1504 The Hilliard Ensemble “Codex Specialnik” 1993.

Gregorian Chant for several hours. Well done but man…its just too much.

ECM 1505 Arvo Part “Te Deum” 1993.

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, Tonu Kaljuste, conductor; Arvo Part, composer. Solemn Sacred Choral piece. Fantastic signature composition for him. I’ll steal this from Wiki as its written better than I could ever explain it.

“Te Deum employs Pärt’s signature tintinnabuli compositional style. Tintinnabuli is often described as a minimalistic compositional technique, as its harmonic logic departs from that of the tonal tradition of Western classical music, creating its own distinct harmonic system. Tintinnabulation is a process in which a chosen triad encircles a melody, manifesting itself in specific positions in relation to the melody according to a predetermined scheme of adjacency. In its most rudimentary form, Pärt’s tintinnabuli music is composed of two main voices: one carries the usually stepwise melody (M-voice) while the other follows the trajectory of the melody but is limited to notes of a specific triad (T-voice). In the case of Te Deum, it is a D triad that is featured in the T-voice, and as such provides the harmonic basis for the entire piece.”

Anyhow, it’s pretty cool. It’s dark and majestic and disturbing in the best possible way.

ECM 1506 Kim Kashkashian/Stuttgarter Kammerorchester/ Dennis Russell Davies “Lachrymae, Hindsmith, Britten, Penderecki” 1993.

Another stellar performance by Kashkashian. Loved the Penderecki in particular. Lots of classical today. Ready for something else.

ECM 1507 Wadada Leo Smith “Kulture Jazz” 1995.

Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet, flugelhorn, koto, mbira, harmonica, bamboo notch flute, percussion, vocals. Solo performance by the trumpeter who also overdubbed a variety of percussion and world instruments. This seems to be an homage to jazz history in his own perspective. Mixed instruments like the Koto and harmonica make it sound quiet and reflective and meditative with a folk music flavor. Fascinating sounds and very chill artistic presentation.

ECM 1508 Gyorgy Kurtag/Kim KashKashian/Robert Levine/Eduard Brunner 1993.

Several different pieces here featuring Kashkashian on viola. As always stellar playing with her. It opens with a solo Viola piece by Kurtag that’s outstanding. Crazy good romp with no net. Lovely, angular, angry, and pensive at the same time. The Shuman pieces are quite Shuman, tidy but nothing remotely dangerous. Excellent clarinet. Not my favorite set of pieces here but all well done. Super long works these classical CD’s. Take a lot of time to digest….kinda missing the Jazz today.