Fretshop Retrospective ECM records day 36

ECM 1262 Kenny Wheeler “Double, Double You” 1984. Another New York Power Station studios session, this time with Wheeler on Trumpet, Mike Brecker sax, John Taylor piano, Dave Holland bass, and Jack DeJohnette drums. Great new york set, lots of gas, intensity, groove for days. They are blowing all Wheeler charts which are for the most part interesting frames for great improvisations. Brecker is a badass and Wheeler is a maniac. Holland and DeJohnette are the consummate engine to push this group around Manhattan. It’s a world that doesn’t exist anymore and it’s too bad. Musta been fun there then.

ECM 1263 Terje Rypdal/David Darling “Eos” 1984. Duo album with Rypdal on electric guitar and keys, Darling on Cello and 8 string electric cello. Set opens with Rypdal solo ripping metal style shredding on distorted chorused guitar. Then a whole buncha quiet space where they begin to paint. And it’s lovely. This is a great record. I haven’t heard one Rypdal record yet that I didn’t think was spectacular. The pairing with the Cello is super cool. Reminds me of my work with people in Columbus where we’ve done quite a bit of this.

ECM 1265 George Grunt’s Concert Jazz Band “Theater” 1984. Lame. The record is so lame it’s not worth more than a sentence. Ok, maybe three.

ECM 1266 Ranier Bruninghaus “Continuum” 1984. Bruninghaus, armed with a bevy of keyboards, matches up with Drummer Fredy Studer and Trumpeter Markus Stockhausen in the Oslo studio for a set of Bruninghaus compositions that are beautiful and intense and introspective. The drums and trumpet add edge to Bruninghaus’ usually sedate and pensive piano work; great foils for each other and thus all the differing moods. Nothing stretches here, its all quite inside the box and lyrical as is his custom of avoiding the bitter pill. Not that it lacks passion; it just doesn’t push the edges or explore dissonant relationships. Some days that’s a lovely thing, some days it’s a snooze. Pick your poison.

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